Indian Army Clears 130 Tons Garbage from Siachen Glacier, Thrives to Make it Garbage Free

With the whole world struggling to survive the climate crisis, the soldiers of the Indian Army deployed at Siachen Glacier are also contributing their fair share to help improve the deteriorating state of the environment. The army has brought down nearly 130 tons of waste from the glacier since January 2018, as a part of “Siachen Swachh Abhiyan”.

The 130 tons of waste include 48.4 tons of biodegradable garbage, 40.32 tons of non-biodegradable, non-metallic waste and 42.45 tons of metallic scrap.

Indian Army Clears 130 tons of Garbage From Siachen Glacier, Thrives to Make it Garbage Free Soon

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According to the officials, around 236 tons of waste is generated in Siachen annually. Due to the sub-zero temperature, nothing in the area degrades and therefore, everything has to be brought down to the base camps for disposal.

The biggest challenge in the fulfillment of this task was the high altitude as most posts are located between 18,000 and 21,000 feet. In 2018, on the concept note of waste management for the glacier, the Indian Army made a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for troops, according to which every soldier would bring the waste down.

The tough terrain makes it difficult to bring the waste down to the base camp where the garbage can be taken care of properly. Apparently, due to the inclement conditions, it can only be brought down in a helicopter or on foot. Due to the extreme weather conditions, each person can only carry 10-15 kg of the waste.

Siachen Swachh Abhiyan

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The Army aims to increase the disposal rate to 100 tons per year. In the past, waste disposal work was not efficient, but the Army is trying to cut waste in the rations and other utilities provided on the glacier, and make it garbage-free in 12-15 years.

Once collected and brought down to the base camp, the Army uses bailing machines to dispose of the biodegradable garbage. The non-metallic waste is burnt down in three incinerators and the ashes produced are used as manure in nearby villages.

Siachen Swachh Abhiyan

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The Army has collaborated with the local administration in the region and barrels have been painted and set up in the nearby villages for waste segregation. The three-way segregation has been adopted for a better disposal system.

The efforts being put forward by the army are really appreciable and inspiring for the common lot. This is a good example that if the soldiers on Siachen Glacier can contribute their bit to save the ecosystem then anyone can and everyone should do it.

Via: The Hindu

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