Tulsi-Neem Mask to the Rescue: Indian Priest Dons Herbal Face Mask Citing ‘Medicinal Benefits’

Since the coronavirus outbreak in India, the country has seen many bizarre things. From babas and leaders promoting cow dung, cow urine and mustard oil as preventive methods from COVID-19, to an Indian priest wearing a tulsi and neem (basil and Indian lilac) mask – things couldn’t get any more foolish.

Indian Priest Dons Tulsi-Neem Mask citing ‘Medicinal Benefits’

The man claims that his mask is more useful than surgical, cloth and N95 masks | Image: @rupin1992/Twitter

An Indian priest from Sitapur, Uttar Pradesh, dons a tulsi-neem face mask and cites its medicinal benefits in a video gone viral on Twitter. He also recommends using tulsi and lemon in the mask to make it more effective, (or could be just the recipe for a lemonade!)

He justified this invention by citing the medicinal benefits of neem and tulsi which are useful for some illnesses. The man even claimed that his mask is more useful than surgical, cloth and N95 masks that people have been using worldwide.

IPS Rupin Sharma uploaded this video on Twitter with captions – “Not sure this mask will help. Still, majboori ka naam Mahatma Gandhi. Necessity is the mother of Jugaad.”

Indian Priest Dons Tulsi-Neem Mask citing ‘Medicinal Benefits’

Indian priest dons tulsi-neem mask and cites medicinal benefits of his “jugaad mask” | Image: @rupin1992/Twitter

This video comes out at a time when India is spiralling from the disastrous impact of the second wave of the coronavirus. The quirky and ignorant invention to fight the disease will not only spread misinformation but will spread the virus as well.

The effectiveness of this mask is not even a question. While science provides no evidence to it, the porous mask looks like a sieve lined with leaves.

Many people have criticised this bizarre invention. But this is not a single instance of such stupidity. Another man from Uttar Pradesh was recently seen wearing a similar neem mesh mask.

Meanwhile, Yoga guru Ramdev has questioned the effectiveness of allopathy, calling it a stupid science. His remarks have caused a wave of rage from India’s medical community, who has been battling on the frontline risking their lives to save thousands of patients.

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Health Minister Harsh Vardhan sought to contain the damage with a letter demanding Ramdev to retract his statements. However, such remarks come as no surprise. Many members of Parliament and several ministers have also promoted the efficacy of cow urine, dung and ritual practices to battle the pandemic.

When, oh, when will these babas and our so-called leaders will finally start relying on science rather than trying to get creative with the coronavirus solutions and ending up spread the disease?

One can only hope that our education system will eradicate such stupid beliefs from the minds of the young, who will be the future of the nation and will teach them to place their rational faith in science.

Via: News 18

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