Fluoride Contaminated Drinking Water Causing Physical Disabilities in This Jharkhand Village

Clean and safe drinking water is a basic necessity to sustain a healthy life. But, people in this Jharkhand village don’t have access to clean drinking water. The people of Chukru village in Jharkhand’s Palamu district have been suffering from physical disorders due to the long term consumption of fluoride present in the drinking water.

Locals of Jharkhand Village are suffering from Excessive Fluoride in Drinking Water

People in Jharkhand village are suffering from fluorosis caused by consumption of fluoride contaminated water / Image: ANI

According to the villagers, many people are suffering from fluorosis, which is a chronic condition caused by excessive consumption of fluorine compounds. They are ailing from mottling of teeth and bone because of excessive intake of fluorine. The long term ingestion has also led to severe skeleton problems.

The problem of groundwater contamination is not pertinent to this village only.  A recent report by the Ministry of Consumer Affairs revealed that tap water in 17 state capitals across the country is unfit for drinking purposes.

The escalating water pollution has led to many deaths across the country but the situation doesn’t seem to be improving. The plight of a whole village ailing from the diseases caused by contaminated water might be a wake-up call.

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