Smart Water Leak Protection by Kohler and Phyn Helps Detect Leaky Pipes

People often forget that we are moving toward a dry future, where water scarcity will be our most frightening nightmare. Climate change and global warming are making things worse as it is, we don’t need water leakage to add to the already impending disaster. Offering a brilliant solution to the problem of water leakage, Kohler and Phyn partnered to create H2Wise+ and H2Wise smart water leak monitors, which will track water usage in homes. The devices were announced last year at Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2021.

Both of these systems can learn the unique pressure signature of each faucet, shower, sink and appliance to keep a track of water use, and detect if there is a leak somewhere. H2Wise+ is created for pro-installation on the main water regulator in the home, giving you an option to turn off the supply if a leak is detected, either automatically or through the app. Meanwhile, H2Wise is designed for DIY installation udder a sink and doesn’t feature the auto shut-off.

Kohler and Phyn Partner to Launch Smart Water Leak Monitors

Image: Kohler

Moreover, the app can also reflect which appliance are using the most water and give data on average water intake. According to Kohler, the Artificial Intelligence (AI) powering it can take recurrent pattern unique to each house into account, which will help it distinguish the everyday use from a slow leak.

The monitoring systems can also issue a pre-freeze warning by detecting the presence of crystal formation in your water pipes, before they freeze up entirely and potentially burst. Both devices are potent of measuring water pressure in the line several hundred times per second to a smartphone app. They notify about the water temperature and the water flow rate when faucets are open.

Both devices are now available for purchase. The H2Wise is priced at $400 and H2Wise+ is can be purchased for $667.

Kohler and Phyn Partner to Launch Smart Water Leak Monitors

Image: Kohler

If these smart water leak monitors are as effective as Kohler and Phyn claim them to be, the frequent water leakages in households can be prevented, which would be a really significant step toward water conservation in times of water scarcity. More such inventions are need of the hour to secure the future of all living beings amid depleting water resources.

Via: TechHive

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