LEGO’s Plastic Building Blocks to Become 100 Percent Sustainable by 2030

Danish toy-maker LEGO has recently announced its target to become “green” by adopting sustainable manufacturing in order to prevent the environment from the harmful effects of plastic pollution. Famous for its multi-colored plastic building blocks, the company has made a commitment to produce 100 percent sustainable LEGO bricks by the year 2030.

A recent study by the researchers from the University of Plymouth in England has revealed that the pieces from the popular toy can survive in ocean water for up to 1,300 years.

Lego’s Plastic Building Blocks to Become 100 Percent Sustainable by 2030

The Danish toymaker made a commitment to producing 100 percent sustainable LEGO bricks by 2030 / Image: Gulf Today

According to Tim Brooks, head of corporate for LEGO, with pieces that are virtually unbreakable and reusable for generations, LEGO has always looked toward sustainability. Now the company has decided to adapt to environmental and consumer demands.

As the consumers are becoming more aware of the hazardous impact of the plastic on the environment making more conscious purchases and are avoiding it, the company wants to produce toys with sustainable material.

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The company had announced about producing the blocks from the biodegradable plant material such as sugar canes in the year 2019. They want to draft measures to make the majority of their production sustainable by 2030 as the company said that they take environmental concerns seriously.

The CEO of LEGO, Niels B. Christiansen said that the company was already making progress with sustainable packaging. He said that the firm aims to create materials that maintain the quality and strength of plastics but using sustainable sources.

The company thrives to make the LEGO building bricks from a sturdy material that is durable and does not crumble or disintegrate. Christiansen said that the company wanted to hold on to the quality the consumers expected despite the change of material.

As per the media reports, LEGO Replay, a program that provides free shipping labels for donations, already arranges for the eco-friendly reuse of the bricks by delivering old bricks to the needy kids instead of being discarded.

Via: Gulf Today

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