Not My Birthday! Bikers Smash Two-Pound Cake on Raging Leopard

We have heard many tales of escaping the clutches of leopards but this one is unique on its own – the cake was their savior! Two brothers, Firoz Mansuri and Sabir, were on their way home to celebrate the latter’s son’s birthday but returned with a scary yer funny tale to share.

The duo bought a cake from Napanagar town, 320 km away from Bhopal on Monday, and was returning to Goradia village on their bike. On their way back, a leopard emerged unassumingly from the sugarcane fields and started to chase them.

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Representational Image: Science The Wire

With their hearts beating fast and watching death chase them, the riders accelerated. But the leopard gained momentum on the muddy village path. It pawed in the motorcycle, leaving big scratches on the machine.

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All this while, Sabir was balancing the cake during the chase. Suddenly, as the leopard’s claws tore the cake box, Sabir decided to do the unusual – he smacked the cake on the leopard’s face, leaving it baffled and in utter confusion.

The wildcat couldn’t figure out what happened and darted back to the fields. The two men recalled that the leopard chased them for nearly 500 meters before they escaped their death!

Via: India Times

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