World Tiger Day 2022: Five Lesser-Known Facts About The Majestic Cat

Five Lesser-Known Facts About Tigers

Image: Andy Rouse

The world celebrates International Tiger Day annually on July 29 to raise awareness about the endangered species. The occasion was founded in 2010, at the Saint Petersburg Tiger Summit in Russia, where the fact that 97 percent of the tiger population has disappeared was brought to light. As the world rushes to save tigers, there are still many lesser-known facts about the animal that may surprise you.

It aims to promote a global system for wildlife conservation and guarding the natural habitats of tigers. The day is observed by several international organizations, including the World Wildlife Fund for Nature, the International Fund for Animal Welfare, and the Smithsonian Institution.

India is home to an estimated 2,967 tigers, while Malaysian tigers have declined to 250 and Indonesia’s wild tigers have been confined to the island of Sumatra. While the world is working on reviving the tiger population and their natural habitats, here are five lesser-known facts about tigers that you may not know.

Largest Among Cats

Siberian Tigers are the largest among all wild cats. However, male tigers can weigh up to 300 kilograms, which is like weighing a group of six average humans. If a tiger somehow sat on you, it would mean instant death for you.

Siberian Tiger is the biggest cat - Tiger Facts

Image: IUCN

Tiger Punch May Kill You

While we are talking about the size of tigers, did you know that if you ever get in a fist fight with one, you may die? Apparently, one swipe from a tiger’s front paw is enough to kill a person or an animal. If not that, it at least can break one’s bones.

Tiger punch may kill you- lesser-known tiger facts

Image: Souvik Kundu / WWF

Cubs are Born Blind

With the world trying to save tigers, the sad truth is that out of all the tiger cubs – which are born blind – only half survive. The blind cubs move around by following the mother’s scent, and when they can’t keep up, they die of hunger and cold.

Tiger Cubs are Born Blind

Image: Patrick Bolger

Ambush or Streak

It is widely known that a group of lions is called pride. But did you know that a group of tigers is called an ambush or streak? Tigers rarely gather in the wild and prefer to spend their day alone, roaming the hunting grounds. A streak or ambush is generally observed in man-made environments.

Tiger group is called ambush or streak

Image: Souvik Kundu/WWF

Tigers Have Striped Skin

Tigers have striped skin. Even if you shave away the fur, you can still see the colored hair follicles embedded in the skin. It is a phenomenon undetected in other striped or spotted animals, such as zebras that have black skin underneath striped coats.

Five Lesser-Known Facts About Tigers - Have Striped Skin

Image: Richard Barrett/WWF-UK

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