Loli, the Intelligent Weimaraner Helps Her Owners Collect Plastic Waste From Beaches of UK

Since the whole world is ailing with plastic pollution, it’s absolutely necessary that every human being must help to cope with this predicament. However, in this instance it is a dog who wants to help clean the mess, we humans have created. Loli, an intelligent Weimaraner has been helping her owners in gathering plastic waste along the beaches of UK which in itself is inspirational enough for us all to do our bit.

Loli, Intelligent Weimaraner Helps Her Owners in Collecting Plastic Waste Off of the Beaches in UK

And they say – humans are the most intelligent species on the planet / Image: Story Trender

Her owners, Trish Brewster and Yan Balewicz, have been cleaning their neighborhood for the past six years now, collecting plastic waste to recycle it. Trish used to pick waste plastic materials on her strolls on the beaches. All the litter that washed up to shore would go into her bag. Her smart pooch picked up this habit and started fetching trash which Trish otherwise wouldn’t find.

According to Trish, now their locality has less litter. On their walks, the family at least collects a bagful of plastic waste and other sorts of trash. Mostly they pick up fishing nets washed up to the shore and plastic waste thrown by tourists and locals. Unfortunately, many times she has witnessed dead seals on the beach which is disheartening.

Loli the intelligent Weimaraner

Loli collects plastic waste along with her owners on walks to the beach / Image: Caters

She said,

It doesn’t matter where I am, I can’t walk past a piece of plastic without picking it up and over the years Loli has noticed this and now she helps find rubbish that I wouldn’t otherwise notice.

 Living in Glenelg, Scotland, this couple started picking garbage on their walks with their dog to the beaches, who soon followed in the same footsteps. Loli, who is 13 years old now, not only helps her owners clean the shores but while on boat rides, she dives into the water and fetches any visible trash in the sea.  Loli’s favorite thing is boat rides where she looks out for dolphins.

Loli, Intelligent Weimaraner Helps Her Owners in Collecting Plastic Waste Off of the Beaches in UK

Loli dragging a tent out of water / Image: Metro

Trish is sharing their story to encourage people to take the required measure in the preservation of nature. She also urges her neighbors with pets to train them in garbage fetching. It troubles her that people throw plastic junk into the oceans without any regard to the aquatic lives.

For the last six years that they have been gathering plastic waste, the couple has recycled over 1000 bags of plastic.

Loli, Intelligent Weimaraner Helps Her Owners in Collecting Plastic Waste Off of the Beaches in UK

Loli with her owners / Image: Story Trender

Well, no matter how appreciative this initiative is, it’s just a drop of water in the sea. Unless people stop littering the face of the earth with toxic waste material, the planet is moving toward its doom.

Reducing the use of plastic products would be the first step in conserving the earth. Trish says that if Loli can do it, anyone can. And she’s not wrong.

Via: Metro


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