Disturbing Pictures of Marina Beach Covered in Toxic Foam

Human activities have not only polluted the land but the depths of oceans as well. The realization dawns as the shocking pictures of Chennai’s marina Beach being covered in toxic foam make their way to social media.

As soon as the pictures of toxic foam surfaced on Twitter, people compared it to the Yamuna River, which also witnessed a similar fate and expressed outrage.

Marina Beach, a famous tourist spot in the coastal city is the longest natural urban beach in India with a four-mile stretch. But, the health experts are advising against visiting the beach as it has been covered in white foam for the last five days. This is not the first time that the beach has faced such a situation. Every year, during the northeast monsoon season the foam visits the beaches in Chennai. But, this year, the case seems to have worsened.

Disturbing Pictures of Marina Beach Covered in Toxic Foam Indicate Pollution Hazard

Kids played in toxic foam covered Marina Beach even as the doctors warn of skin problems caused by water/ Image: Hindustan Times

Doctors have warned the citizens of health hazards that the toxic froth poses. Despite the warnings, people did not stop strolling on the beach, especially kids, who were seen skipping in the foam.

Allegedly, the recent heavy rains must have churned a large amount of untreated wastewater, which flows into the oceans, into a froth. Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board officials are analyzing the samples for chemical composition and toxic levels of the foam water. The situation is supposedly being closely monitored.

The fishermen are being highly affected as their customers are wary of contamination among the catch. In 2017, a similar frothing episode killed thousands of fish in the region.

Disturbing Pictures of Marina Beach Covered in Toxic Foam Indicate Pollution Hazard

Beach covered in toxic froth as far as the eye stretches / Image: Hindustan Times

Pravaker Mishra, a scientist at the National Centre for Coastal Research in Chennai believes that the amount of foam has exacerbated over the years. Mishra is setting up a buoy to monitor pollution levels in the sea.

Last month, devotees offered prayers along the shores of river Yamuna, which were covered in toxic foam, to mark the end of Chhath Puja. The pictures of people worshiping the Sun God while being surrounded by knee-high toxic foam were really disturbing.

Via: India.com

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