Minnesota’s Drumming Duck Ben Afquack Rocks to His Own Beat!

We have seen animals rocking to musical tunes, but have you ever seen an animal playing a musical instrument? Well, chances are slim. Named ‘Drumming Duck’ Ben Afquack is an adorably talented duck who plays drums. Yes, you heard that right!

This feathered pet has quite a fan-following on social media where he and his duck dad Derek Johnson put hilarious drumming videos and sweet Instagram selfies. Johnson, who is a drummer himself, reveals that these drumming videos came about by chance.

Minnesota's Drumming Duck Ben Afquack Rocks to His Own Beat

Image: Derek Johnson

There is no shortage of cute animal videos on social media, but a duck playing drums has to be something unique. From following Johnson around to rocking the drums, Ben has stolen our hearts.

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Johnson said,

One thing that makes [ducks] great adventure companions is their instinct is to follow you. Once they like you a little bit, they really have no choice but to go wherever you go! We are better together because we are each other’s buddies. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Ben Afquack has the instinct to kick his legs whenever he is lifted off the ground. One day, Johnson’s wife slid a snare drum under Ben’s legs as he began to kick. The couple captured this in a small clip and posted it on Facebook, where it was very well-received.

This darling duck’s Instagram account has gained over 89 thousand followers and has earned Ben his own Guinness World Record title. Johnson says that Ben’s naturally exploratory personality was the motivation behind the social media account’s inspiration and success.

Johnson used to take Ben on adventures with him since the first day he came home, including rides on motorcycle in a custom-made mesh backpack. The bond of Johnson and Ben is a true inspiration and a glimpse into the precious relationship between humans and wildlife.

Via: Daily Paws

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