Modbed Modular Closed-Loop Garden is Powered by Food Waste

Composting is one of the best ways of reducing degradable waste from landfills and it also helps in decreasing greenhouse gas emissions. Although composting is quite easy to perform but it is not feasible for everyone especially for people living in urban areas.

However, a creation like Modbed can solve this issue. It has been designed for urban dwellers to turn food waste into living soil through a subpod mini compost system. The innovation is quite practical, user-friendly and contributes to conserving the environment.

Modbed is the world’s first-ever modular closed-loop garden and the design is specifically made for small spaces and city living. Since it is quite unlikely for city residents to contribute towards food waste composting, this invention can completely change the scenario.

Saadi Allan, a native of Byron Bay, Australia designed this amazing product which will turn any space into a living ecosystem. Modbed assures regular airflow for any odor to flow out, worm-flow for odorless aerobic microbes to flourish than anaerobic ones and continuous composting.

Moreover, it provides a compact footprint with lockable wheels for easy maneuvering and a structural guarantee of three years. Just as a micro forest requires no fertilizers, Modbed claims the same. Besides, it offers smell-free composting that makes it apt for small spaces.

The closed loop garden is made from carbonized FSC certified wood. Carbonizing offers natural rot and salt resistance to wood and deters termites. The inside base of the product is a woven material made from recycled PET bottles, which averts the soil from falling out.

There are subpod accessories including trellis, greenhouse & insect net and grow light to customize the Modbed+.

The best part is that the material used to make the design is sustainable. The product is a smart purchase as it offers 100 percent repairable design with a rust- and scuff-free alloy frame.

Up on Indiegogo for crowdfunding, this mini compost system will start shipping in March 2022 since it has achieved it’s goal with a lot of days still to go for the campaign.

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