Monisha Narke Revolutionizes Waste Management, Recycles Tetra Pak Cartons into Degradable Furniture

The whole world is struggling to survive the wrath of plastic pollution by either recycling or by reducing its use. In such a scenario, it becomes vital for a country like India with a huge population to opt for sustainable consumption habits and a proper waste management system.

Indian city Mumbai is known as the city of dreams. But, this dream city generates hundreds of tons of waste every day.  Although a report indicates that only 3% of total daily waste is plastic and 73% is biodegradable and recyclable, the landfills are becoming rising mountains of waste day by day.

Many people are trying to cope up with plastic pollution and waste management on their individual level, while many organizations are working on the same on a larger scale. Even with all the efforts being done, the situation is far from getting solved.

For the past decade, a Mumbai-based socio-environmental organization known as RUR GreenLife has been working toward a better cityscape and recycling Tetra Paks into sustainable and degradable pieces of furniture.

RUR GreenLife recycles the empty Tetra Paks into chairs, benches, and storage bins for schools and homes. RUR has recycled over 3.2 million empty Tetra Pak cartons and donated 250 benches to the less privileged schools.

Mumbai Woman Revolutionizing Waste Management, Recycles Tetra Pak Cartons into Degradable Furniture

RUR GreenLife organization recycles Tetra Pak cartons into chairs & benches for underprivileged schools /  Image: RUR GreenLife

The organization works on the vision to spread eco-consciousness among citizens and help them contribute to our planet by adopting good green practices.

The founder of the organization Monisha Narke is a mother of two and thrives to spread awareness regarding the green living practices. After receiving her Masters of Science from Stanford University, USA, she returned to her home in Mumbai. She always wanted to be an engineer and to make a difference in the world we live in.

When she visited her family farmhouse in Umbergaon, Gujrat, the scenario was heart-wrenching for her. Once beautiful, clean and green, the place was now littered with waste and choking in pollution. The harsh reality made her decide to adopt a green home.

Many young mothers at her kids’ school shared the same vision and ‘RUR: Are You Reducing, Reusing, Recycling?’ was born. Committed to the practice of green living, the group started spreading awareness on the same.

The organization not only recycles the Tetra Pak cartons but also manufactures other products to help people maintain a healthy and green lifestyle. It also makes bio-composters and green alternatives for plastic.

RUR has been enabling slum women financially by giving them work of making green alternatives. The organization educates people about the benefits of green living and helps them in the implementation of such practices.

Mumbai Woman Revolutionizing Waste Management, Recycles Tetra Pak Cartons into Degradable Furniture

RUR GreenLife has recycled 3.2 million empty Tetra Pak cartons to make furniture articles / Image: RUR GreenLife

The band of a few concerned mothers for their children’s health in the polluted metropolitan has now become a big organization. Many volunteers are associated with RUR GreenLife to make the environment free of waste material and maintain green practices for a better tomorrow.

The thoughts and works of both Monisha and RUR organization are worth sticking to and inspire others to adopt these practices in order to restore the health of the planet.

Via: India Times

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