NASA Will Soon Test World’s First Electric Airplane, X-57 Maxwell

NASA Will Soon Take Off World’s First Electric Airplane, X-57 Maxwell

Image: NASA

We all have always associated NASA with space exploration missions, but America’s renowned agency is working hard on creating the world’s first electric airplane called X-57 Maxwell, changing the space agency’s perceived image. The new airplane is lightweight, hence it uses less power to cover the same distance than regular fuel-powered planes. Moreover, this new electric plane will produce less noise than its counterparts.

However, it’s currently undergoing the initial tests in Los Angeles’ desert east. Inspired by an Italian Tecnam P2006T four-seater, and twin-engine propeller airplane, the X-57 is under development since 2015. Finally, the plane will take its first test flight in the blue skies in a few months’ time this year.

But despite its two largest and very powerful electric motors for propelling, the plane will be powered by specially curated lithium-ion batteries. This will lead to reduced carbon emissions than traditional planes.

NASA Will Soon Take Off World’s First Electric Airplane, X-57 Maxwell

Image: News Track

If you are not aware, let’s acquaint you with the fact that the aviation industry contributes to around 10 percent of American greenhouse emissions. Due to increasing aviation-related pollution every year, the industry has to take strict measures to control pollution. If nothing is done to stop the current scenario, aviation pollution may go out of hand. And, it would further worsen the global warming condition on the planet.

With the creation of the X-57 Maxwell, NASA wants to show that electric airplanes are a better solution to reduce carbon emissions while maximizing fuel efficiency. Meanwhile, electric airplanes would also contribute to lower operational costs. If the research and the upcoming tests go well, this invention could lead to the quick transformation of the aviation industry.

So far, NASA’s testing schedule is moving as planned. We hope that the world’s first electric airplane takes off well and surpasses all the tests. After all, our environment needs such green alternatives to existing modes of transportation that only harm our planet.

Via: Inhabitat

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