Pet Lion Wandering Phnom Penh Streets Ignites Animal Cruelty Debate

In June, Cambodian authorities seized a lion that was illegally kept as a pet by a Chinese national at a villa in the capital Phnom Penh. Recently, pictures and videos of the same pet lion wandering the streets of Phnom Penh have gone viral on social media, igniting the debate on animal cruelty.

Journalist Andrew MacGregor Marshall has published a series of tweets with photos of the animal. In his tweets, Marshall pointed out that this is the same lion that was taken by Cambodian authorities after TikTok recordings of the animal at a villa in the capital city.

Pet Lion Wandering Phnom Penh Streets Ignites Animal Cruelty Debate

Lion was returned to its owner after Cambodian Prime Minister ordered the animal’s return after the pet lion was seized by the authorities | Image: Reuters

After the 70-kg lion was apprehended and taken to a rescue center on June 27, Prime Minister Hun Sen ordered the animal’s return. Sen intervened following reported assurances from the owner that a proper enclosure would be built for the lion and consequently, it was returned to the owner.

People also raised their concerns for the animal’s safety and its well-being, when it was returned back to its owner to be put in a cage.

Marshall’s tweets brought up the issue of animal cruelty as he mentioned that the lion had been declawed and defanged.

Via: News 18

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