Pigeon builds nest in frying pan and lays an egg : Video

Pigeon-egg in fying pan
Bird laying eggs directly in frying pans; that sounds like a scene from cartoon show, but this Norwegian man have documented similar scene at his home in Oslo. Pigeons had built a nest in his frying pan and had laid an egg as well.

Stian Fjelldal, the house owner, had forgotten to close the kitchen window before leaving for work and this is how he describe what he saw:

“I got home from work to my apartment in Oslo when I heard a lot of noise in the kitchen. It was a pigeon, and I was off course eager to get it out. I have forgotten to close the window before, and it got really messy, so I decided to document it this time. I hassled a bit getting the bird out, and then I started filming the poo and the mess. Until I came to the oven and realized the pigeon had not only made a nest, but also laid an egg – in my frying pan. At first sight a suitable place for nesting, but I don’t think the pigeon really knows what you normally do with a frying pan. Me myself like making omelette. The poor pigeon kept coming back the same evening looking for her egg. Really heart-braking, actually. But I couldn’t place the egg outside; the seagulls would just have taken it. So I’ll probably throw it. And I’ve been told pigeons lay more than one egg.”

It’s certain that something like this happens when birds aren’t able find natural habitat. Soon, we’ll hear about artificial-multipurpose forests to rehabilitate birds when the real trees will disappear.

Anyway, we are really sad for the pigeon. It lost its home and egg. For a human, it’s a routine to fry eggs for breakfast. But what would you do if something like this happens to you? Is there any way to save this egg? May be, situation asked for the sacrifice of a pan to save an egg.

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