Polestar Aims to Introduce World’s First Climate Neutral Car by 2030

Swedish electric performance car brand Polestar has set up an unprecedented goal of presenting the world’s first climate-neutral car by 2030. The projected car has been named Polestar 0, and the company has termed its goal as a moonshot. Rather than offsetting by trees, Polestar 0 will focus on eliminating carbon emissions.

Polestar has claimed that offsetting is not sustainable in the long run as suggested by many environmental experts. With uncertainty lurking around the long-term carbon storage capacity of soil and forests, experts believe that forests might be logged, devastated by fire, or could be altered due to change in the climate.

Polestar Aims to Introduce World’s First Climate Neutral Car by 2030

Polestar Aims to Introduce World’s First Climate Neutral Car by 2030 | Image: Polestar

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Polestar Thomas Ingenlath said

Offsetting is a cop-out. By pushing ourselves to create a completely climate-neutral car, we are forced to reach beyond what is possible today. We will have to question everything, innovate and look to exponential technologies as we design towards zero. Consumers are a huge driving force in the shift to a sustainable economy. They need to be given the right tools to make informed and ethical decisions. Today, Polestar 2 leaves the factory gates with a carbon footprint. In 2030 we want to present a car that does not.

Though Polestar makes electric cars, the company has decided to work on eradicating stemming emissions altogether from its production.  Polestar will also be applying sustainability declarations that are common in food and fashion industries to all of its future models. The company has already incorporated climate action in all of its businesses. Furthermore, Polestar has also included climate targets in its employees’ bonus system.

Head of Sustainability, Polestar,  Fredrika Klarén said that the present is a good time for carmakers to do better and build climate-neutral and circular vehicles.

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