Reusable Big Ocean Bottle is made from Recycled Materials and Funds Collection of Ocean-Bound Plastic

With rising awareness of plastic pollution and its contribution to climate change, many companies are working to create smart and ecological solutions. The Big Ocean Bottle is one such solution. This one-liter, reusable bottle is made from recycled materials and directly funds the collection of 1,000 ocean-bound plastic bottles.

This invention is as practical as it is impressive. It is created to deter ocean-bound plastic, which makes it a worthy product to invest in.

Reusable Big Ocean Bottle is made from Upcycled Ocean Plastic

Image: Ocean Bottle

London-based entrepreneurs Will Pearson and Nick Doman started Ocean Bottle, a water bottle company to help clean plastic from the oceans. The Big Ocean Bottle is made from recycled and non-composite materials, is recyclable at the end of its life and has no negative environmental impact.

After witnessing the impact of plastic on the earth’s environment, the duo decided to bring a change. They came to know about The Plastic Bank, a Norwegian-based organization that pays people in poor communities around the world to gather plastic.

The duo met with the organization and partnered with The Plastic Bank to create this stainless steel, reusable bottle. Co-designed with K8 Design in Norway, the bottle promotes a circular approach and sustainability through its design.

The bottle has great design features, including stainless steel insulation, BPA-free, easy carry loop, anti-leak cap, dishwasher safe and more. With Big Ocean Bottle, you can ditch the single-use plastic bottles and aid the environment.

Up on Kickstarter for crowdfunding, this reusable water bottle has long surpassed its set goal and will start shipping in December 2021.

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