Snow Leopard with Cubs Photographed in Spiti Valley

An inhabitant of the high-altitude Himalayas, the elusive snow leopard is rarely seen. Recently, Assistant Public Relations Officer Ajay Banyal photographed a mother snow leopard with two cubs treading through the snow in Spiti Valley of tribal Lahaul and Spiti district. Banyal captured their pictures through his mobile phone camera while he was traveling on the Langcha-Kaza road.

Snow Leopard with Cubs Photographed in Spiti Valley

Image: Twitter @iAjay_Banyal

The chance encounter left the government officer excited and joyful. He shared the picture on Twitter. Many people and wildlife conservationists have rejoiced the sighting as it indicated an increase in the number of elusive animals in the region.

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Spiti is known as its habitat, attracting many tourists in anticipation of a glimpse of the snow leopard. The cats are highly threatened due to poaching for their pelt and other body parts that fetch a huge sum of money in the black market.

The wild animals wander down to lower reaches during winters when heavy snowfall in high-altitude areas makes prey base scarce. This brings snow leopards, which are also known as the ‘ghost of the mountains,’ in closer proximity to humans.

Ajay Banyal said;

I had been waiting for a glimpse of snow leopard for the last two-and-a-half years but my dream came true only yesterday. I was strolling in the area, when suddenly I spotted three snow leopards together near Kaza. It was a unique experience for me.

The region has become a safe habitat for snow leopards and other threatened species in the past years as the Forest Department is getting cooperation from the local community.

In February 2021, a wildlife lover, Amir Jaspa, photographed a leopardess along with two cubs in the Miyar valley of Lahaul and Spiti. In December 2020, the wildlife wing spotted Himalayan serow, a goat antelope, in the valley. Himalayan serow had almost disappeared from the cold desert, but was recently sighted at Hurling village in the valley.

Via: The Tribune

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