Solar-powered IrresistiCat will keep your cat busy

Solar powered IrresistiCat toy 2

Solar Chaser is a company that has brought a cat toy to Kickstarter. The toy is meant to keep pet cats busy. It’s called IrresistiCat – a simple device that feature a ball inside an enclosure.

The ball is propelled around this circular enclosure whenever solar panels are exposed to sunlight or any kind of direct light. Place it near window or in open and sit back to watch your cat playing with it.

Solar powered IrresistiCat toy 4

It may sound trivial as compared to solar powered homes, planes and productive machinery, but cat owners know it can save their furniture, electronics, and other domestic stuff from cats, which are fond of playing with any and everything around.

The toys is 100% solar powered and does not include any batteries, this makes it a eco-friendly product. It can go on and on the entire day as long as it continues to receive light from any source.

Solar powered IrresistiCat toy 3

Not just sunlight, but it can generate energy from any light source to work indoors. The cats are likely to find this ball hunt a difficult business, but it’ll surely keep them busy.

If you want one, stump up minimum $17 on Kickstarter so that the company can refine the prototype and send you a final model. The company plans to manufacture and deliver IrresitiCat in January 2016.

Solar powered IrresistiCat toy

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