FIFA World Cup 2022 Focuses on Sustainability With Smart Solar Lights

Sustainability is the prime focus of the FIFA World Cup 2022. It will be a mega-sporting event for which the organizers have chalked out a sustainability strategy to create a significant long-term impact. The vision is to utilize the power of football to bring out a unique experience for all by highlighting the purpose of FIFA World Cup Qatar, which is to elevate the sustainability of staging, preparation, and post-tournament activities.

Keeping this vision in mind, the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 will have smart solar EnGo Leaf lights for illumination. Qatar imported decorative off-grid leaf-shaped lights to fulfill the green agenda to make it an eco-friendly event. At Doha, as many as 350 solar lights – crafted as big banana leaves – have been installed.

EnGo Leaf Solar Street Light at FIFA World Cup 2022

Image: EnGoPlanet

These lights have been manufactured in Texas by EnGoPlanet under a solar streetlight model called EnGo Leaf, which also bagged the ‘A Design’ award in the Street Furniture Design category. Similar solar lights have been previously installed in Barbuda, Antigua, Texas, and Nevada.

EnGoPlanet focuses on solar street lights and furniture created for public infrastructure including solar-powered bus shelters and public benches. The company’s aim is to contribute towards smart cities globally by providing sustainable clean energy solutions to the world.

The Sustainable FIFA World Cup 2022 strategy involves works around 5 important spheres. To begin with, the first is ‘Environmental’ which considers delivering innovative environmental solutions. The second one is ‘Social’ which aims to provide an inclusive tournament experience. The third is the ‘Human’ aspect in which the prime focus is on developing human capital and safeguarding workers’ rights. The ‘Government’ sphere is the fourth one which encompasses setting an example of good governance and ethical business practices. The fifth and last sphere is about ‘Economics’ which focuses on catalyzing economic development.

Smart solar leaf lights are one of the major steps taken by the organizers at Doha in Qatar to promote sustainable and green initiatives. These smart solar lights will be used for a long time and follow the sustainability strategy template outlined for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.

Via: Inhabitat

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