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Trinity portable wind turbine 6

Trinity portable wind turbine meets Kickstater goal in just one day

Portable solar chargers for mobile devices are common, but they have a disadvantage: they are no good without sunlight. To change the game, Janulus, a Minnesota-based company, has come up with Trinity Portable Wind Turbine. Against company’s goal of raising $50,000 through Kickstater campaign, the project collected

CAT Solar Charger concept by Maximilian Solomon 4

CAT Solar Charger concept by Maximilian Solomon

Inspired from the way a caterpillar folds itself, industrial designer Maximilian Solomon has designed a solar charger concept. Of course, it included photovoltaics, and is sort of fordable thing to make it easier to transport.

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India to come up with four mega-scale solar projects

India is looking forward to double its current photovoltaic capacity as the construction work on four new large-scale solar energy projects worth two gigawatts (GW) is likely to start in April of this year. The plan was unveiled by the Union Minister of Finance of