Creative Couple Upcycles Discarded Tires into Adorable Pet Beds

While many binge-watched movies and read hoarded books during the pandemic lockdown, a creative couple helped save the environment by upcycling discarded tires into adorable pet beds. Entrepreneurs Tenisha Granger and her fiancée Jonathan Ramcharan found the unique idea of turning tires into pet beds online. Since then, the couple has been upcycling tires into pet beds. They believe, they might the first to convert this idea into a business locally.

Creative Couple Upcycles Discarded Tires into Adorable Pet Beds

A couple has been upcycling tires into adorable pet beds | Image: Tenisha Granger

Granger shared that they did some research online and saw some existing posts of such similar projects.  She took inspiration from that and started to work on her first pet bed. When she posted it on social media, she got a lot of great responses out of it, so she decided to turn it into a business.

These beautiful beds come in various sizes and colors. The tire-beds feature an inner lining and cushions to make a comfortable bed for the pets. Moreover, upcycling discarded tires help the environment as well. The bright, colorful designs with many customizable options were loved widely on social media.

Creative Couple Upcycles Discarded Tires into Adorable Pet Beds

The tire-pet beds come in various sizes and colors | Image: Tenisha Granger

Granger says,

I got a lot of support because people said it’s difficult to recycle the tires and this is a good way to help the environment. I didn’t expect it to be so positive and I was afraid that people would be like ‘oh why is that pet bed made out of tires’, but there a lot of people who like the idea of recycling and don’t want it to go to a landfill.

The tires are thoroughly scrubbed and cleaned, therefore once upcycled, they are safe to use. The couple receives tires from local shops and believes that old tires can be utilized in various ways, for instance, as planters. They also plan to donate some beds to local animal shelters.

A huge number of tires end up in the landfill, adding to the already increasing environmental threats. This new business idea is one of the unique ways to reduce that waste.

Via: Loop

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