Kerala to Install 240 Weather Stations in Schools to Teach Children About Climate Change

Climate change is a concerning issue and every year various organizations, volunteers, and governments try to put efforts into educating the masses about it, but we fail to teach our children about this existential threat. To that end, 200 schools in Kerala have installed weather stations that are built to educate and train students on climate change. Each weather station has 13 devices which include a thermometer, weather data bank, rain gauge, and other important devices used to measure climate change.

These weather stations will help students gain insights into weather on a practical basis and enhance their knowledge as they get to see what they usually learn from textbooks. The government is eyeing installing such weather stations in about 240 schools in total. With the help of these stations, students will be able to notice and record changes in weather conditions on a daily basis.


Image: The Indian Express

This is the first time that any state government has taken such an initiative to educate students in a practical way about climate change. The main idea behind this initiative is to train the younger generation regarding climate change and help them know the precautions that can be taken to combat it. This also comes at a time when natural disasters like floods haunt the southern states.

The inauguration of these weather stations was done by General Education Minister V Sivankutty at the Kayanna Government Higher Secondary School in Kozhikode. As many as 18 government higher secondary schools in Kozhikode district will have these weather stations. Children will be asked to observe the amount of rain that the area receives along with atmospheric pressure and wind speed. They will record it on a special chart every day.

For a better learning experience, training to work at weather stations will be provided to both students and teachers. This is an innovative step taken by the Kerala government and other states can also take inspiration from this initiative and make students learn more about climate change.

Via: Indian Express

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