Western Tragopan aka Jujurana Clan Increases in Great Himalayan National Park

The species of Western Tragopan (regionally called Jajurana), Himachal Pradesh’s state bird, is on the verge of extinction. However, good news has come from the Great Himalayan National Park in Kullu, HP where the western tragopan clan has increased from 63 members to 70. A survey conducted by the national park’s management team reported the rise in the national bird’s population on 26 and 27 April 2022.

The Great Himalayan National Park, Kullu, has an overall​​ area of 905.4-square-kilometers. However, the area where Jajurana lives and breeds is around 200-square-kilometres. The national park team believes that this wild colorful pheasant is loving the calm environment of Kullu. Hence, there’s a rise in their clan.

There are total of 18 stations recognized for western tragopan’s census in the Great Himalayan National Park. Separate teams were sent on a survey to each station to calculate the number of these colourful pheasants. After the survey, the teams found new members in the bird clan. The survey teams are expecting that the number of pheasants will increase more in the coming years.

Western Tragopan’s Clan on Rise in HP’s Great Himalayan National Park

Image: Nature Web

The total number of bird’s worldwide population is 3500. And, the highest number is most likely present in the Great Himalayan National Park. According to the Forest Divisional Officer of the park, Nishant Mandotra, the increase in the number of these wild birds is a relief. Another reason for the increasing number of Jajurana is the ban on poaching in this national park.

Meanwhile, regular patrolling in the park and trap cameras also keep a check on the growth of these beautiful wild creatures. The breeding season of western tragopan is around April and May. Even during this time of the year, the specific area in the park remains closed for tourist movements. All these things are most likely to contribute to the rising population of this majestic bird.

Western Tragopan’s Clan on Rise in HP’s Great Himalayan National Park

Image: RoundGlass Sustain

Via: Amar Ujala

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