Meet Blueview: World’s First Biodegradable Shoes with Algae-Based Sole

With increasing awareness about a green lifestyle, people are looking for new eco-friendly and sustainable clothing and footwear to reduce their carbon footprint and plastic pollution. Recently, Stephen Mayfield, a molecular biology professor at the University of California, San Diego, along with his team developed the world’s first biodegradable shoe, Blueview. These biodegradable shoes are now the consumer-facing brand of California-based company Algenesis.

With this sustainable footwear, the makers aim to protect the environment from harmful plastic pollution. Besides being eco-friendly, this biodegradable shoe offers maximum durability and comfort. Hence, good for all-day wear.

Revolutionary Sustainable Materials

After six years of experimentation and research, the group made these sustainable shoes with algae-based Soleic Foam soles. Moreover, the machine-knitted upper portion of these shoes consists PlantKnit yarn. The PlantKnit yarn comprises hemp, cotton, Tencel, and jute. Being made of complete sustainable materials, these shoes are easy to decompose at the end of their life.

World’s First Biodegradable Shoe Comes with Algae-Based Sole

Image: Blueview

On the achievement, Mayfield said;

It is a dream come true to see our Soleic® foams finally reach the consumer market. Combining this innovation with world-class design and manufacturing to complete the Blueview Pacific, we are excited to provide consumers with a revolutionary footwear experience.

World’s First Biodegradable Shoes

To test the durability of these environmentally-friendly shoes, the makers conducted the SmartLast tests at Heelux Labs. The tests were to check the durability and strength of the shoe design. And, the shoes successfully passed the durability testing phase.

World’s First Biodegradable Shoe Comes with Algae-Based Sole

Image: Blueview

Now, the sustainable shoes are all set for sales and to offer the all-day footwear comfort to the users. Many customers who have already bought these slip-on shoes are happy with the comfort and durability they offer.

Blueview shoes are available for pre-order for $135. You can find these slip-on kicks available in five colors – tan, black, olive, grey, and denim.

Via: New Atlas

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