World’s First Dissolvable Baby Shoe Disappears in Boiling Water at End of Life

In a time when people are trying to reduce their footprint, baby products – such as clothes, shoes, and other accessories – pose quite the conundrum. When kids outgrow their clothes and shoes, most of these items end up in landfills. Offering a solution to the problem, Woolybubs has unveiled Newbie, the world’s first dissolvable baby shoe.

The brand is the acclaimed maker of eco-friendly shoes for kids. It has recently introduced a new shoe called the Newbie, which is made with 100 percent biodegradable ingredients that dissolve in boiling water.

Designed for parents who want practical and eco-friendly baby products that are cute at the same time, the Newbie is a flexible, soft sole shoe that keeps up with a tiny foot’s natural development. It simultaneously helps parents curb the amount of waste that accompanies parenthood.

According to Megan Millikan, Woolybubs co-founder;

The Newbie is our first step to empowering more parents with ways to leave a smaller footprint. As parents of three we’ve seen first-hand the waste that comes with having kids. Hand-me-downs are a great option, but eventually they wear out and end up in landfill. The idea behind the Newbie was to create a product that will disappear once outgrown, leaving behind less harm to the planet.

These dissolvable shoes are made from a proprietary fabric, which features the softness of silk and the durability of synthetic fibers. Designed to withstand normal baby wear and tear, the shoes will survive the elements with ease. Milliken further added that the shoes will not dissolve in the rain or when hand-washed.

Newbie World’s First Disappearing baby Shoe

Image: Woolybubs

However, once they are not of use, they can be placed in boiling water where within 40 minutes, they will dissolve into a safe, non-toxic liquid. This dissolved solution can be emptied down the drain, where it is decomposed back to CO2 and water by bacteria. Alternatively, the shoes will break down in an industrial composting setup.

If you are a parent who is seeking to reduce their footprint through eco-friendly baby products, the Newbie should be on your list. The cute little Newbie is available in sizes 0-12 months and comes in four pastel shades at $35 per pair.

Via: Business Wire

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