World’s First Hydrogen-Powered Double-Decker Buses Launched in Scotland’s Aberdeen

The world is moving toward green and renewable energy resources to hastily reduce carbon emissions. Every aspect of human civilization is thriving to lessen the use of fossil fuels for the energy sector. Hydrogen has emerged as a clean fuel for the transportation industry. Recently, the world’s first hydrogen-powered double-decker buses were launched in Scotland’s Aberdeen City.

Renowned as the oil and gas capital of Europe, Aberdeen has taken up the charge to diminish air pollution and transform the city into a green economy. An armada of 15 such buses has been launched as part of the trial. These buses emit water vapors instead of carbon monoxide. The new 60-seat double-decker buses are said to save one kilogram of CO2 with each kilometer they cover and are ‘virtually silent’ as they drive along, unlike standard buses.

In July 2020, Aberdeen City Council and First Bus agreed on launching hydrogen-powered buses as part of the Net Zero Vision project, while Northern Ireland-based Wrightbus manufactured the buses. The fleet of hydrogen-powered double-decker buses showcases the city’s commitment to the transition of green energy from fossil fuels. Wrightbus will complement the existing hydrogen fleet with a range of hydrogen and electric vans, road sweepers, and cars through a car share scheme.

World’s First Hydrogen-Powered Buses Launched in Scotland's Aberdeen

The world’s first hydrogen-powered double-decker buses have been launched in Aberdeen | Image: Aberdeen City Council

Council leader Jenny Laing has welcomed the £8.4million project that is funded by the local authority, the European Union, and the Scottish Government. She said,

It’s great to see the world’s first hydrogen double decker buses starting on their service routes in Aberdeen. The buses are a fantastic asset to the city as an entrepreneurial and technological leader as they have even more advanced technology which pushes established hydrogen boundaries and also greatly assist us in tackling air pollution in the city.

According to Wrightbus chairman Jo Bamford, it was a historic moment to witness the buses in full operation for the first time, carrying passengers around the streets of Aberdeen. He said that it marks a pivotal moment in the city’s commitment to reaching its goal of net zero-emission.

The UK’s first hydrogen production and bus refueling station was opened in Aberdeen in 2015 as part of a £19 million green transport demonstration project. This initiative is expected to be launch throughout the rest of the UK.

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