World’s First Hydrogen-Powered Flying Boat to Launch in UAE

Ushering a new age of renewable energies, the world’s first hydrogen-powered flying boat, called THE JET, will soon be launched in the United Arab Emirates. The first clean energy transport mode will be launched in Dubai with an iconic design. It is a step forward for the clean-tech industry and is a massive undertaking for the Switzerland-based startup the JET ZeroEmission, which will manufacture and operate The Jet.

The startup has announced an agreement with the UAE-based Zenith Marine Services Limited Liability Company and DWYN LLC for the manufacturing and functioning of the flying boat. The JET ZeroEmission managed to secure part of the required 10 million Euros.

World’s First Hydrogen-Powered Flying Boat Set to Launch in UAE

Image: The Jet

The world’s first hydrogen-powered flying boat has pioneering characteristics and technologies, allowing it to fly noiselessly over the waters at a speed of 40 knots. The lavish boat can carry 8 to 12 passengers. It has two fuel cells and an air conditioner along with other clean-tech, eco-friendly equipment that helps reduce carbon emissions.

Talking about this innovative venture, Alain Thébault, founder of THE JET ZeroEmission, said that THE JET will be the world’s first boat to sail without sound, waves, or emissions and can fly 80 cm above the water surface.

He further said;

Dubai is an ideal destination for innovators and companies from around the world to develop their innovative projects and reach their desired success, which is why we have announced ‘THE JET’, a project that I had the privilege of conceiving with the team. We look forward to meeting with those interested in this amazing flying boat at the 28th International Climate Summit (COP28 UAE) that will be hosted in the UAE.

The announcement reflects Dubai’s leading position as a global center for futuristic industries. Dubai’s strong infrastructure and supportive investment setting have made it an ideal launchpad for advanced companies to reach their global targets.

World’s First Hydrogen-Powered Flying Boat Set to Launch in UAE

Image: The Jet

Dubai has emerged as an international pioneer in developing the clean and renewable energy sector, with the aim to acquire 75 percent of its energy requirements from clean resources by 2050. The boat will be launched in Dubai for an inaugural flight, during the next COP28 UAE, which is scheduled for November 2023.

Via: Gulf Business

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