20 Thought-provoking environmental graffiti reflect ugly truth of ecological crisis

We're Eating The Earth

An artist can change the way a message is delivered to, and interpreted by people. Creative visuals are more effective than plaint text and a leave a lasting impression on the onlooker. Some artists have found an excellent canvas in walls and streets of cities to depict environmental crisis through powerful work of art.

We know what deforestation means, and that concrete jungles are replacing trees. Through following street-art-graffiti that shows an ugly and wrinkled naked man engulfing trees and pooping concrete buildings, the ugly truth becomes more apparent and touching.

Eating The Earth

Take a tour to view some more such powerful environmental street art created by various graffiti artists-

Believe In Global Warming

Killing Ourselves

The Clock Is Ticking

Urbanization Is Killing Us

Animals In Zoos

World Is Going Down The Drain

The World Is Burning

thelocked animals

The Earth Pie Of Trash

The Truth


The Earth Is Being Killed

Lets Keep The Plants Alive

I Remember When This Was All Trees

Born To Be Wild

Animal Cruelty Is Everywhere

And then finally – existance speaks back

Eat Yourself

Via: BoredPanda

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