$45, 00 Guitar handcrafted from recycled maple wood skateboard

recycled guitar

As an amazing piece of recycled work, a fully functional guitar made from recycled skateboards is on sale for $45, 00. It’s one of its kinds, completely handcrafted in Canada. The fret board and pick guard are made from compressed recycled maple skateboard. John and MJS Custom Pickups have handcrafted the custom pickups from maple wood skateboard.

Recycled Skateboard Guitar 5
It includes various kind of controls which a functional guitar would usually need. It’s on sale at Etsy. You can check all details regarding its design and manufacturing there.

Recycled Skateboard Guitar

Recycling isn’t just a process or act; it’s a cause in itself. Craftsmen around the world come out with creative ideas and products to show the world that nothing is unwanted or garbage. Instead of throwing what we consider waste in landfills, we must learn to re-use.

Recycled Skateboard Guitar 2

Recycling and re-using could as simple as using a old bottle or container as a vase instead of buying a fancy one from the market or it could be as complex as this marvelous guitar.

$45, 00 Guitar handcrafted from recycled maple wood skateboard

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