8-Year-Old Spiti Boy Inspires all, Turns Plastic Waste into Poly-Bricks

While most people are worried and cribbing about the current environmental crisis, there are only a few who turn challenges into opportunities. One such example comes from the wondrous land of Spiti, where an eight-year-old Tenzin Chortan is repurposing plastic waste to make poly-bricks.

Residing in Lingti village of Spiti region of Himachal Pradesh, this primary school boy often collects wrappers of chips, biscuits, and chocolates. Thereafter, he pushes these wrappers into plastic bottles of one- or two-litres using a stick. Then, Tenzin’s father Tenzin Lama hands over these plastic-filled bottles to local authorities to make poly-bricks.

When asked what inspired him to collect these plastic wrappers in plastic bottles, little Tenzin shared that his father asked him to do so. And, now it’s been around six months he’s collecting plastic waste along with his schoolmates, Thille Palmo and Chhering Palmo. His school friends started collecting plastic after seeing Tenzin at it.

Impressed by Tenzin and other fellow students from a local primary school, Ram Lal Markanda, Minister for Technical Education, met them in Spiti, recently. He admired and appreciated their dedication to making their region sustainable, which has been witnessing a rise in plastic pollution amid increased tourism.

poly-bricks from plastic waste in Spiti-1

Image: Tribune India

Markanda has urged the local administration for promoting this idea among other students as well. He also asked the district officials to start working on poly-brick preparations. Local authorities can use these non-recycled plastic-filled PET bottles to make poly-bricks for construction. Using these bottle bricks, they can construct embankments alongside roads.

Spiti Boy Turns Plastic Waste into Poly-Bricks

Image: Hindustan Times

However, this idea of creating poly-bricks is already in use in different places in the world. But what impressed us the most is that despite living in a remote area, this young boy is working on a future-ready sustainable alternative for construction. Not just the local people, but he’s an inspiration to all of us. We should learn and put an effort to preserve our planet by going green.

Via: The News Himachal

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