A Human-Sized Alien Sculpture Made Out of 200 Recycled Tires

Recycling has offered humankind wonderful opportunities to use up the discarded material with creative and innovative twists. Following suit, craftsman Cao Shennge made a marvelous Alien Xenomorph King sculpture out of 200 recycled tires, that too in twenty days.

Producing tires still has enormous environmental impacts. Nowadays, tires are made using around 19 percent natural rubber and 24 percent synthetic rubber. Discarded material can create huge ecological repercussions, which can significantly be reduced through recycling.

Talking about his creation, Shennge said;

The Alien King (Alien King Maquette) Alien King Maquette, is an alien figure released by the sideshow manufacturer on the 30th anniversary of the alien. Currently, it has not been added to the official history of the alien. In this video, I made the Alien King with 200 tires within 20 days, a derivative image of “Alien” in the classic sci-fi thriller that I like very much. Unlike ordinary aliens, Alien King has more tentacles.

He first sculpted a tiny clay model and then built an iron frame, onto which he then wrapped and nailed the tire waste. This phenomenal recycled tire sculpture was inspired by Sideshow Collectibles “Alien King” maquette, which was made for the 30th anniversary of the film Aliens in 2016. The original maquette is 20 inches tall.

The threat of tire trash is slightly similar to that of microplastics. Probably these tires might be worse than other microplastics as they contain oil-based chemicals called hydrocarbons and heavy metals like zinc. Tire trash would adversely impact the ecosystem especially marine life. Tire recycling is one of the best ways to cope with this problem.

Via: Laughing Squid

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