Forest Officials Use Archimedes Principle to Rescue Elephant from Well

On January 28, an elephant was rescued by the forest officials after its fall into a 25-feet deep well in the north-eastern state of Jharkhand. The forest officials used Archimedes principle to rescue the animal, which accidently fell into a well in Amliya toil village of Gumla district.

Forest Officials Used Archimedes Principle to Rescue Elephant from the Well

Image: Twitter @rameshpandeyifs

On seeing the distressed animal, the locals called the forest department for help. Forest officials rushed to the scene at around 7 am on Tuesday. The rescue team smartly applied the Archimedes’ principle – physical law of buoyancy to save the elephant calf. The rescue lasted three hours during which the officials pumped water into well so the animal could float up.

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Three motorised pumps were used to fill the well with water and a ramp was excavated for the young elephant to climb out.

Indian Forest Service officer Ramesh Pandey praised the Divisional Forest Officer, Gumla, as well as the state’s forest department in a tweet where he applauded the use of Archimedes’ principle to float the elephant up. The Internet has also applauded the use of a scientific technique to help save the distressed elephant.


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