Assam Forest Officials and Locals Rescue Trapped Elephant Calf

Assam locals and forest department officials helped rescue an elephant calf that somehow got stuck between two huge rock boulders in Assam’s Norigaon district. The incident took place at Sonakuchi hills area near Jagiroad in the central Assam.

Reportedly, the locals saw the elephant calf trapped between the rocks while its mother was roaming the area. The villagers immediately informed the forest department and started the rescue operation.

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S. Hazarika, Ranger of the Dharamtul forest range office, said,

Some local villagers informed us that a 7-8-month-old elephant calf was trapped between rocks in the hill area and the mother of the calf was roaming in the area. We reached the area and rescued the calf.

To rescue the elephant, the locals tied the animal with ropes and pulled it out of the small space it had been trapped in.

Image: ANI

However, the mother elephant chased the locals and the forest department personnel when they tried to help the calf. One local villager was injured as he fell into a ditch while being chased by the mother elephant.

Via: India Today

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