Bottled Water is Affecting Environment – 3,500 Times More Than Tap Water

According to scientists, tap water is 3,500 times better than bottled water, for the environment. The adverse effects of plastic bottles on our ecosystem are 1,400 times worse than that of tap water.

Barcelona Institute for Global Health (ISGlobal) used “life cycle assessment” to estimate the impact of plastic bottles on the environment. It includes extraction of raw materials, manufacturing, transportation, distribution, use and disposal.

A study by the institute found out that with time, every resident in Barcelona might turn out to be a plastic bottle user and if that happens it would cost more than 70 million euros to extract the raw materials, leading to the loss of 1.43 animal species every year. The research focused on the Barcelona region in Spain only for now.

Bottled water is affecting environment, 3,500 times more than tap water

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ISGlobal researcher,  Cristina Villanueva who’s also the lead author of the study, concluded that the health risks associated with drinking tap water are slightly more than that of bottled water but it is evident that environmental impacts of bottled water are higher compared to tap water.

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The usage of plastic bottles is highly impacting our environment and it isn’t going to stop soon. In this day and age consumption of bottled water has risen but it is not really about the quality of bottled water over tap water. Other factors like branding, taste and shelf life are also responsible for the growing usage of plastic bottles.

Via: Euronews

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