Old Bra Clasps Used To Save Turtles at This Wildlife Rescue Center

Bra clasps have a lot of use more than just keeping the bra in place – they can help save injured turtles too. Apparently, many wildlife rehabilitation facilities are using bra clasps to help fix the broken shells of turtles.

Reportedly, lowa-based Wildthunder Wildlife and Animal Rehabilitation and Sanctuary (Wildthunder W.A.R.S.) – a state and federally licensed wildlife rehab facility that has been rescuing animals for 25 years, uses old bra clasps to save injured turtles and mend their broken shells.

Turtles are especially at the risk of injury around this period of the year, as the turtles venture away from the safety of their normal wetlands habitats to lay eggs along shorelines or to stay safe from heavy rains. Warmer weather would mean danger from dogs, lawnmowers, and cars, exposing them to the risk of breaking their shells.

The rehabilitation center drafted a post two years ago to include bra-wearing friends. Over the years, the sanctuary has a large LGBTQ community. The sanctuary has been receiving bra hooks from all over the world to help in this cause.

Bra clasps turtle shells zip

lowa-based Wildthunder Wildlife and Animal Rehabilitation uses old bra clasps to save injured turtles and fix their broken shells | Image: Green Matters

When the sanctuary staff rescues a turtle with a cracked shell, they use epoxy glue to fix the eye part of the bra clasps around the crack. Then zip is used to tie the eyes together. This helps in keeping the shell together and helps it heal. The rescue center still uses this ingenious technique to help the turtles heal. However, they don’t require more at the moment.

The sanctuary suggested other ways to support the cause. It is requested to share the purpose or $2 check that would have been put in the postage of the used bras.

Via: Green Matters

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