Governor Declares State of Emergency As Wildfire Rages in California

Governor Declares State of Emergency As Wildfire Rages in California

Image: Noah Berger/AP Photo

Over 6,000 people residing near the Yosemite National Park in California are being evacuated after the fast-moving wildfire continues to blaze in the western US. Governor Gavin Newsom declared a state of emergency in Mariposa County as the Oak Fire spread over 11,900 acres.

The firefighters continued their efforts to slow down the Oak Fire near Yosemite National Park. But they were still able to limit the growing fire to only a few hundred acres, as per the reports. It is reported to be California’s largest wildfire in 2022. To extinguish the blazing fire, helicopters have dropped 300,000 gallons of water. The crew continues to work hard on the control lines to extinguish the hot spots of the fire.

According to the fire officials, around 21 homes and 34 more structures are already destroyed. Thousands of residents are under evacuation orders, while some of the orders are to minimize advisories. The fire officials further stated that the fire would be under control by July 30.

The Oak Fire started on July 22 afternoon, somewhere near the Sierra foothills in Mariposa County. It continued burning for about 15 miles to Washburn Fire in Yosemite. By July 25, the fire consumed around 4,900 acres and was 87 percent contained.

Governor Declares State of Emergency As Wildfire Rages in California

Image: Noah Berger/AP Photo

Meanwhile, the fire officials are surveying the areas that Oak Fire consumed. Around 2,000 firefighters are working tirelessly in the steep terrain and high temperatures to battle the inferno. Even the crews from Sonoma and Alameda counties are helping the Cal Fire officials.

California has experienced deadlier and larger wildfires in recent years. It is happening due to the drastic climate changes in the West. The areas turning much warmer and drier over the last 30 years. According to scientists, the weather will continue to become more extreme and wildfires will become more destructive and frequent in the future.

According to Pacific Gas & Electric, over 2,600 homes and commercial spaces in the area had lost power on July 25. There is still no indication when it would be restored. After all, PG&E is not able to access the impacted equipment after the fire blaze.

California is bearing the brunt of intense wildfire seasons and drought amid rising temperatures. If the world does not act fast enough, this is the predictable fate of half of the world, while the other half will likely drown in rising sea levels.

Via: Aljazeera

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