Viral: Car Swerves and Crashes in Shimla Trying to Save a Monkey

It doesn’t happen often that humans put their life at risk to save a wild animal. In a rare incident, a car crash video in Himachal Pradesh’s capital city Shimla has gone viral, for the accident happened in an attempt to save a monkey.

Car Driver puts life at risk to Save Monkey in Shimla

Reportedly, the monkey suddenly came in front of the car and in an effort to save the unassuming animal, the driver swerved the vehicle and lost control. The car skidded off an elevated road and fell off into a parking lot below the road outside of Shimla’s Himland hotel.

In today’s time, where helping others has been confined to literature mostly, the event captured in the video has left everyone in shock. The sympathetic gesture of the driver towards the animal could have cost him and his family’s life!

The visuals of the occurrence are recorded in a CCTV camera. Soon after the incident happened, a mass of people rushed to rescue the family of three traveling from Delhi to Rampur including a four-year-old boy. Fortunately, everyone inside the vehicle was left unscathed.

Car swerves to save monkey

Image: ETV Bharat

The incidence was indeed rare and astonishing. Though, it is good to know that people still exist who care about wild animals. But the nuisance caused by monkeys such as snatching food and ambling around is quite common in Shimla and has been an issue of inconvenience for locals and tourists for a long time.

The government is trying to make efforts and new policies to control the growing threat of simians in the city.


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