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Facebook’s annual emissions amount to 285,000 metric tons of CO2 in 2011

Facebook, this week on Wednesday, revealed data containing details of its total carbon footprints for the year of 2011 including all its data centers and globally operating offices, which connect 900 million users from all over the world. Every user adds to carbon footprints while

Switch to Apple iPad and save energy, says EPRI research

Do you exactly know how much electricity your iPad, iPhone, and laptop consume and how much that costs to you annually? A research conducted by Electric Power Research Institute reveals that an iPad consumes 12kwh of electricity annually, which costs $1.36 a year, if you

Solar Dok solar powered outdoor charging solution

“Solar Dok” solar powered outdoor charging solution

Outdoor gadget charging stations are a sort of relaxation for gadget nuts. Solar Dok is perfect solution for the gadgets running out of juice when you are on a picnic at some place far from grid energy. The umbrella on the upper part has photovoltaic