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Indian villages could become solar power stations soon

The villages in India will soon be transformed into power stations capable of generating, storing and releasing power. This is thought possible after a Swansea University led consortium of 12 UK and Indian universities have been awarded £7 million in funding from UK government for

India’s largest floating solar power plant installed in Kerala

India is well on road to its planned 100GW solar-power generation capacity by 2022. The biggest problem country is facing with solar plant installations is requirement of huge areas of land. With a floating solar power plant, Thermal Power Corporation Limited plans to change that

Dubai gets first solar-powered smartflower and its aesthetically adorable

We have read about Dubai’s Dubal Lamp initiative and smartflower. The first smartflower was officially installed by the Dubai Municipality yesterday (March 1).The mini solar-power plant in the shape of a flower, and looks aesthetically adorable despite featuring photovoltaic panels. It can generate 17 Kilowatt-hour (kwh) of