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Vegan Health Trap: Hidden Dangers of Plant-Based Substitute Foods

Veganism Harming the Planet – Fact or Fiction

Veganism is the practice of refraining from the use of animal products, especially in diet, which includes ditching meat, eggs, and dairy products. Veganism has been on a rise for the past couple of years with people opting it for various health reasons along with

Microplastics harmful to human cells

Plastic Damages Human Brain Cells, Finds a Study

With the growing usage of plastic, our so-called “green planet” is soon going to turn into a “plastic-planet”. Earlier, the invention of plastic was considered to be a solution to sustain natural resources on the earth, but contrarily, the very creation has now sabotaged its

Indian Variant of Covid-19 Declared as one of Concern by WHO

The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared B.1.617 – the Indian variant of COVID-19 as a ‘variant of concern’. WHO has claimed that there is some information available that suggests that the B.1.617 variant of coronavirus has increased transmissibility. Furthermore, WHO has pointed out, the