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Invention of Solar-Powered Hand Washbasin in Ghana to Battle Coronavirus

Ghana’s Solar-Powered Hand Washbasin Battles Coronavirus

As the COVID-19 cases soar across the world and given the lack of any effective vaccine or treatment, new inventions are being made to combat the highly contagious coronavirus. Recently, two inventors in Ghana have come up with a solar-powered hand washbasin to promote ultra-hygiene

Vizag Gas Leak: The Disaster Reopened Wounds of Bhopal Gas Tragedy

Vizag Gas Leak: Disaster Reopens Bhopal Gas Tragedy Wounds

Vizag gas leak has reopened the wounds of another gas tragedy that still affects the people. The highly toxic substance made its way into and around the small towns located near the plant, where over 500,000 people were exposed to methyl isocyanate gas. Our Prayers