Bengali Class 12 Student Invents Face Mask that can Kill Coronavirus

Amid the ongoing pandemic, when scientists and researchers are coming up with cure for the deadly virus, a Bengali class 12th student invents an innovative face mask, which she claims can help kill the coronavirus.

Digantika Bose’s unique mask is now on exhibition in Google’s Museum of Design Excellence in Mumbai. She explained that the face mask consists of three chambers.

The negative ion generator filters the dust particles in the air and filters them in the second chamber. The last chamber is a chemical cavity with soap and water that kills the virus.

Bengali Class 12 Student Invents Face Mask That Can Kill Coronavirus

Class 12th student designs an innovative face mask she claims can help kill the coronavirus and her creation is currently on trial | Image: India Today

She added that if a COVID-19 patient uses this mask, the air exhaled will go through the same process, preventing the virus from spreading.

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Her idea has been proposed to the health department for trials and could be a potential barrier against the spread of Covid-19.

She also innovated a comfortable mask that does not strain the ears. Hopefully, this mask gets approved with immediate trial and is scaled for production throughout the country.

Via: India Today

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