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Akasa Air uniform made from recycled items

Akasa Air’s Crew Uniforms are Eco-conscious & Employee-Centric

India’s newest airline, Akasa Air, has ditched the cliche heels, pencil skirts, and saris with new comfortable and chic crew uniforms. They have recently unveiled eco-conscious and employee-centric crew uniforms to keep their employees comfortable and happy. The fabric used for making these sustainable uniforms

Brachystelma attenuatum

Plant Species Believed Extinct Spotted Again in Himachal Pradesh

Researchers from the Botanical Survey of India in Dehradun and Himachal Pradesh University in Shimla on Thursday said they have rediscovered a rare, threatened, and presumed extinct plant species, Brachystelma attenuatum, after a long gap of 188 years. In Himachal Pradesh, researchers have successfully rediscovered

Single-Use Plastic alternatives in India

What Alternatives Can India Adopt After Single-Use Plastic Ban?

To curb the mountain of single-use plastic waste, India has banned 19 single-use plastic items within effect from July 1, 2022. The country has prohibited the manufacturing, import, storage, distribution, sale, and use of certain objects that include plastic sticks, invitation cards, gift wrappings, plastic