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Animal Sexual Abuse in India

Bestiality: Sickening Cases of Animal Sexual Abuse in India

In a country where women are considered goddesses and several animal species are considered holy, sexual assault against these living beings is sure as hell an eye-opener. While rape is the fourth most common crime against women in India, cases of animal sexual abuse are

Tata Power Gets India’s Largest EPC Order

SJVN Commissions Tata Power for India’s Largest EPC Order

State-owned renewable energy developer SJVN has recently commissioned Tata Power Solar Systems Limited to develop India’s largest solar engineering procurement and construction (EPC) order for a 1 GW project worth ₹5,500 crores. It’s a 1000 MW solar power project that will be set up in

Neeman’s Indian Eco-Friendly Footwear Brand

Neeman’s: Indian Eco-Friendly Footwear Brand Recycles Plastic & Tyres

Since more people are now becoming aware of the hazardous impact of industrialization on the environment, they are choosing brands that follow environmentally-friendly techniques for production. But if we talk about the Indian footwear market, sustainability is missing despite various domestic and international brands. To

Microbial Spray Brings a Ray of Hope to Solve Air Pollution in India

Microbial Spray Spells Hope to Solve Air Pollution in India

Developed by the Microbiology Division of the Indian Agriculture Research Institute (IARI), Delhi, PUSA Decomposer microbial spray brings a ray of hope to end India’s air pollution. It will also enrich the soil while saving a huge amount of labor and material costs. Moreover, this