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Barbaric and Inhumane Incidents of Animal Cruelty in India

It is no hidden fact that ever since the prehistoric times, mankind has feared what it cannot understand. The fellow species have always scared the man and to overcome this fear, mankind resorted to violence against animals. The cases of animal abuse in India have

Elephants found dead in Chattisgarh

Three Elephants Found Dead Within Three Days in Chhattisgarh

While the whole world seems to be rejoicing the refreshed wildlife, wild species in India have been injured, maimed, or killed with utter brutality. Recently, three wild elephants, including one who was 20 months pregnant, were found dead within three days in the northern districts

Cracker filled pineapple kills pregnant elephant

Firecracker-Filled Pineapple Kills Pregnant Elephant in Kerala

Man’s cruelty knows no bounds. Sighting a recent instance, a firecracker-filled pineapple has killed a pregnant elephant in Kerala, which was allegedly placed by some heartless locals. The fruit exploded in the wild animal’s body and led to its death. The details of this horrific