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A squirrel in a park in Cologne

Over 30 amusing animal photos depicting their adorable expressions

Animal expressions are always natural, unadulterated by manipulations, which only a human mind is capable of. These expressions and postures are amusing at times. Wildlife photographers know what it means to capture an animal’s expression. But their works are always a treat for eyes. So,

Cautelosa by Jonatan Banista

11 shades of nature from best of 2017 Sony World Photography Awards

The 2017 Sony World Photography Awards were announced weeks ago. Thousands of entries included impressive wildlife and nature photography too. In fact, the winner depicted impact of the climate by capturing the Icebergs that were part of the Larsen Ice Shelf. Other entries included a

photographer ira meyer antarctica photo collection 3

Explore Antarctica through Ira Meyer’s breathtaking photo collection

Though, purity of nature is hardly untouched by human kind and its activity, still there are regions that are (fortunately) not suitable for establishment of human habitation (and their inventions). Ira Meyer, a California-based photographer, is one of those few people who have received a