Climate Change Wreaks Havoc Through Northern Hemisphere Causing Unprecedented Heat Waves and Wildfires

The phenomenon of climate change has created a hot debate throughout the globe. It has endangered the entire planet and all of its inhabitants, as raging temperatures and shifting rainfall patterns have caused irreversible changes across the world. Climate change has resulted in extreme heatwaves and wildfires throughout the Northern Hemisphere, which used to experience such event once in a century.

The recent heat wave in the Pacific Northwest has been a matter of concern. Now, the tiny town of Lytton in Canada holds a new grim record, with the highest-ever temperature of the country. In an unprecedented heat wave that has killed hundreds of people and triggered more than 240 wildfires across British Columbia in over a week.

The astounding temperature hike in Lytton hit 49.6 degrees Celsius (121.3 degrees Fahrenheit). The town of just 250 people is nestled in the mountains, where June maximum temperatures are usually around 25 degrees. Now, a wildfire has decimated much of Lytton to ash and forced its inhabitants to relocate.

Climate Change Causes Heatwaves and Wildfires in Northern Hemisphere

Wildfire burning above the Fraser River Valley near Lytton, British Columbia, Canada | Image: James MacDonald

Meanwhile, emergency responders in Canada are currently fighting to control over 180 wildfires in British Columbia amid a severe heat wave that has killed hundreds of people in the Pacific Northwest.

Eddy Pérez, Climate Action Network Canada’s manager for international climate diplomacy, said,

This is literally the deadliest weather on record for the US Pacific Northwest and far southwest Canada region. The losses and the despair as a result of the extreme heat and devastating fires in Canada are a reminder of what’s yet come as this climate crisis intensifies.

Several warnings from scientists about climate change are becoming reality in Canada, as well in many other parts of the Northern Hemisphere. Much of the Northern Hemisphere is increasingly becoming uninhabitable amid rising temperatures and other climate-induced changes.

Roads and power cables melted in America’s Northwest recently. In Russia, Moscow reported its highest-ever June temperature at 34.8 degrees on June 23, while Siberian farmers are trying to save their crops from severity of an ongoing heat wave. The Arctic Circle is also facing extreme heat for the region, with temperatures reaching the 30s.

In India, millions of people in the northwest were affected by the heat waves, with temperatures steadily maintaining their stance in the 40s, more than 7 degrees higher than usual.

In Iraq, authorities declared a public holiday across several provinces, including the capital Baghdad after temperatures surpassed 50 degrees, making it too uncomfortable to work or study.

Moreover, scientists have said that this occurrence could happen every year by the end of this century. If the humankind fails to mend its ways, it is definitely headed for extinction.

Via: CNN

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