Delhi Government Announces Ten Point Winter Plan Against Air Pollution  

Delhi is one of the most polluted cities not only in India but across the world. In order to better the situation, the Delhi government has identified 150 air pollution hotspots, as mentioned in a statement by Environment Minister Gopal Rai. These areas will be supervised closely and a full-proof plan will be put in place to deal with the current and future situation.

The hotspots were identified on the basis of complaints received on the Green Delhi app, areas which had a maximum number of complaints are considered as the hotspots to attend to on priority.

Supposedly a “Green War Room” would be used to monitor air pollution, which will remain effectively active for twenty-four hours during winters.

Delhi Government Announces Ten Point Winter Plan Against Pollution

Image: Amal KS/HT

The air quality tends to deteriorate as the temperature decreases. The conditions seem to worsen even further because of the continued stubble burning events by the farmers, which is why the National capital’s Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal declared a ten point winter action plan for Delhi.

The winter action plan includes the use of a decomposer prepared with the help of Pusa Institute which would effectively eliminate the need for stubble burning, as the solution when once sprayed on the crop residue would dismiss the need to burn it.

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The Anti-dust campaign would be strengthened, seventy-five teams have been formed which would supervise the entire area, imposing a heavy penalty on the violators of the government’s dust pollution norms. Alongside 250 teams have been formed to end the garbage burning.

Ban on firecrackers, Installation of smog towers, Green War Rooms, Green Delhi app and Eco Waste Park are some of the action plans. Along with this, some steps are being taken in order to reduce the emissions caused by vehicles.

This definitely seems like a power-packed plan to tackle air pollution.

Via: Hindustan Times

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