Praan’s MK1 to Solve India’s Air Pollution Nemesis – Turn Pollutants Into Floor Tiles

Air pollution is not only hazardous for health but is also responsible for climate change. What is the point of living if we would not even be able to breathe properly in the coming years? Angad Daryani, a 23-year old inventor and social entrepreneur from Mumbai, who himself suffered a lot from air pollution since his childhood because of asthma, has created Praan’s MK1 to eradicate the country’s air pollution problem.

In order to reduce air pollution, Daryani with the help of some fervent engineers, who work for several tech companies in the Silicon Valley, including other inventors from 70 cities in the world, came up with a product, Mach One (MK 1)  to address the problem.

Praan’s MK1 to Resolve India’s Problem of Air Pollution

Image: News 18

MK 1 uses a cluster of filter-less, low-cost, artificially intelligent outdoor air purification systems to purify the air in the cities via using exclusive imaging-based algorithms.  The particulates are sent to Carbon Craft Design (An India-based company) who then turns the carbon particles into floor tiles. According to the architecture firm 1 Carbon Tile is equivalent to averting 5 kg CO2e in the atmosphere.

Angad explains;

There are fundamentally infinite sources of air pollution. There’s smog, dust particles, paint degrading from buildings, construction in cities, vehicles, industry, diesel generators, naturally-occurring particulates – it’s a long list. To try and find a solution to the source of all these problems seems implausible at the present time. The aim is to capture pollutants at a faster rate than they are introduced in the environment.

The technique captures particulate matter from ambient air without the use of any filters. These devices are ascendable in size, arranged as calculated clusters, and are adaptable to changing temperatures and humidity conditions around urban cities.

Praan MK1 air purifier

Image: Praan

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The Mumbai-based inventor has currently begun the distributions in corporate campuses, schools, hotels and industrial sites. He has amassed a $1.5M funding round led by US-based Social Impact Capital with significant investors between the US and India. This is all set to give his

This product is undoubtedly an innovative creation for a serious problem like air pollution – especially in countries where the problem is showing no signs of stopping.

Via: News 18

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